Monday, March 19, 2018

The Stairs of Doom (A Missionary Update)

Hola from Cusco Peru!
I have been out for a month now. I have loved every minute of it and the people of Cusco Peru are so kind and caring. I have loved teaching them. And they are so patient with my Spanish. I love this gospel and I love seeing people's faces as they come to know their Father in Heaven. We gave a Book of Mormon to an investigator last night and he was so happy and interested. The Book of Mormon is my favorite book and I love sharing it and its message with people. We have been sharing the gospel with this woman that cries every time we give her a new pamphlet or the Book of Mormon. We hope to see her baptism in the future. I have come to love this city, the people and the language, as hard as it is. The dogs are wonderful as well. 

Marissa with a former missionary, Sister Bartlett, who returned to visit Cusco.

I'm always wearing my raincoat, it's cold here. Or always rainy. Yesterday we had a storm, lightning and thunder and rain and we lost power. Thankfully I knew exactly where my flashlight was and so we had light. Sometimes it is drizzly, sometimes it is a downpour and we rush for shelter. No matter what the weather, you go out and proselyte. It's a good thing I love the rain. 

The Sweetest Missionary Ever with Andru and Fabio

Hermana Madsen, Hermana Garcia, and Angeli

The "stairs of doom". 
We have to climb them to get to this girl we have been teaching, her name is Lucero and she is so cute. I love her. One time, we helped this old lady carry her load up there and I was sure I was going to die. I do get a good workout and have been getting stronger as it is easier for me to climb the hills. 

Hermana Madsen

Monday, March 5, 2018

First Experiences in Cusco

This update covers the past two weeks. Read on for photos and excerpts from Marissa's emails...

These missionaries are from Guatemala, Bolivia, United States, and Peru

My first area is right in the city of Cusco itself. The flight to Cusco was an experience in and of itself. In the airport no one would listen to me and so we all had to wait for someone to tell us where to go when I knew exactly where to go. That was frustrating. The dogs here are wonderful. The people are as well. I've had so many wonderful experiences. We took a bus tour today and thankfully the tour guide spoke English. My pensinista is wonderful, and kind. I love the family. Also, guess who is taking bucket showers! This girl here. It[s fun. I have so much to tell you and not enough time. I will tell you that I love it here, and every day is a new experience.

My companion is Hermana Garcia, she is from Bolivia. I love it here! I love the dogs as well! Some of them are so kind and sweet! Most of them are actually!!! The other day we had like three dogs following us because I had given them food. They ate half of my pan con queso. It makes me happy to pet them though.

These photos are from her first day in Cusco, when she was welcomed to the mission.

My companion sings in Spanish and I sing in English. We have also been teaching each other the other's language and I have been helping other missionaries with their English. I love teaching! I have also been volunteered to teach others English, so I will have to let you know if that happens. Also, I told people I knew how to cook, and now they want me to make pizzas and tacos for them! Send me some recipes, alright, just in case. I know how to cook but not how to cook here! They don't ever have real kitchens. It's a stove top that they light themselves and no fridges either for the most part, no ovens as well.

Can you spot Marissa? On their p-day, they went paint balling! 

The other day we got a refrence from a member. The member came with us as we went to the store and talked to them. It was this woman and her mother. We gave the older woman a phamplet about the Plan of Salvation. Explanied what it was, talked about it, and all that. Then we asked her to say the closing prayer and taught her how to pray. I have gotten good at teaching others how to pray. She started to pray and then started crying. She was holding the pamphlet to her as though it was the most precious thing in the world. She came to church with us and I was so happy that the members welcomed her. She was so happy!!! This is why I am here, it's hard and difficult but so heartwarming and uplifting! 

Love you!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

February Recap

At the beginning of February we visited Hardware Ranch to see the elk. 

Zach, Marcus and I took the wagon ride. This was Zach's first visit and we both got some fun photos of the elk.

Just a few days before Zach's 25th birthday, he had another relapse. 😟 It was as if his legs didn't want to hold him up. So, we bought him a cane to use while he remained unsteady on his feet. He missed most of work that week, but was able to return the following Monday. I am happy to report he is no longer needing the cane. He opted not to have the steroid treatments this time. His next MRI is in April (I think). Please keep him in your prayers. 🙏

On his birthday, David took him out to breakfast and later on, we went for a family drive into Idaho. And that's when we discovered these two little cabins which had obviously seen better days. It was fun to walk right up to them. 

We were happy to see a lot more snow this month after the unusual winter we've been having. We've had some good storms and it sounds like more is on its way. I think out backyard view is pretty all year round, but there's something about a winter wonderland scene.

Just as we homeschooled Marissa through her high school years, we are homeschooling Marcus through his high school years. With the recent school shootings, I am extra thankful that he is home safe. Marcus is a 4.0 student through Liahona Academy's distance program. He also enjoys his morning Seminary class.

In other family news, we have decided we are not selling our home. We are at peace with our choice to stay in beautiful Cache Valley. We really like it here and after six years, it finally feels like home to me. I can see myself here for many more years to come. We have made wonderful friends with neighbors and church members. It's a blessing to be here with Zach and Darcie, especially for Marcus. David is still unemployed, but we hope to see that change soon as there is the promise of another job in the near future.

I took this photo in Cusco in December of 2014, which is the last time we were there as a family. Now, the Sweetest Missionary Ever is in Cusco, having arrived last Tuesday from the Lima MTC. Hopefully she has settled in with her new companion and will have a great report for us this week.

This was Marissa, in Cusco, in 2014. We are so proud of her for making the choice to serve the Lord full time. Please keep her in your prayers. 🙏 And stay tuned for her stories and photos which I will post on this blog weekly. You may email her at: 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

She's In Cusco!

We didn't hear from Marissa this week because of her transfer from the MTC to Cusco, but we know she made it safe because her mission president emailed us on Tuesday, and sent us these photos-

Here she is with her mission president and his wife.

Remember, you may email Marissa anytime at:
It will be exciting to hear from her next week and see how she's settling in with a new companion in her first assigned area.

Friday, February 16, 2018

I Feel His Love Everyday

Hola everyone!

On Saturday we went out proselyting in the Lima East mission. They split us up with senior companions. I was in a trio and it was so fun and exciting. I couldn't quite keep up with the Spanish but I was able to bear my testimony and talk about the gospel. I guess that´s a good start. There was this one moment where we sang a song to this woman and girl. Somewhere out there, I am in a video singing in probably really horrible Spanish. It was so good to have that experience though and be able to be out there. 

This is my last week here at the CCM. Next week I leave to go to Cusco, Peru, for the next year and a half. I am so excited. Learning Spanish has been difficult but I know that the gift of tongues is real. I've seen it happen and I´ve felt it happen. It's been amazing and I have a feeling it is only going to get better. 

The people I have met here have been amazing. I have loved getting to know everyone. There is such a sweet and strong spirit here. However, I am so ready to be out and doing what I am here to do. I love this gospel and since being here, my testimony has grown so much! The spirit is so strong and everything is so spiritual. During the hard times, I just have to remember to pray, have faith and to get to work. The Lord is with me and I feel His love everyday. 

I have to go but I hope that lets you know how I'm doing!


Hermana Madsen (Feb. 14, 2018)

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